All repairs are categorised and prioritised according to their seriousness. We aim to attend to repairs according to the following categories and timescales:


  • Emergency: 24 hours (Out of Office Hours and Office Hours)
  • Urgent: 5 working days (Office Hours Only)
  • Non urgent: 28 days but will aim to complete within 10 working days (Office Hours Only)

The Deregulation Act introduces new provisions designed to protect tenants reporting maintenance issues.
We therefore request all tenants to report maintenance issues by email or in writing.

Access to properties

As per Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, once a maintenance issue is reported, we will aim to attend to it within the timescales stated.

Our contractor will attend and investigate the maintenance issue and will aim to complete the work on the same day; however this may not always be possible.

If we need to order parts or rely on third party contractors, please be aware that delays for resolving the maintenance will be inevitable.

For emergency maintenance issues, our target is to attend within 24 hours and notice of access will not be required or given.

For non-emergency maintenance requests, we will aim to attend within the timescales as stated above.

On reporting a maintenance issue, a Category Timescale of attendance will be given – this provides all tenants with more than 24 hours’ notice of access to their property.

No subsequent request for access nearer the attendance date will be provided.

Emergency repairs

The only repairs which will be dealt with as emergencies are: Any repairs necessary to avoid a danger to the tenant or to avoid serious damage to the building or tenants belongings.

If you should experience such problems then you must follow this procedure:

In working hours contact Property Management on 01274 392 971.

Out of office hours please refer to the following list or get in touch with the out of office contact as referred to in your Tenant Guide.

Locked out

Locked out (you will be liable for this charge) Call the contact details provided in our Tenant Guide. This number will be different depending on whether this is inside or outside office hours.

If you use any other emergency contractor, we reserve the right to refuse to pay for the callout and any other costs.

Please refer again to the above repair definitions before taking action; any tenant calling out an out of hours contractor to attend to anything which is not categorised as an emergency will be liable for any costs associated with the call-out.

For the duration of the tenancy, you will be responsible for the following (if applicable); If these are not satisfactorily carried out, there will be a standard charge at the end of the tenancy.

Tenant responsibilities

  • Light bulb replacement
  • Hoover belt and bag replacement
  • Replacement of plug fuses
  • Blocked sinks and wastes
  • Sticking locks
  • Gardening
  • Refuse removal
  • Cleanliness to external areas
  • Maintaining adequate ventilation, particularly in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Broken windows

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